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Etiquette of reciting Quran on mobile phone

 The advancement of information technology has brought many changes in people's lives. It has changed the course of public life. Made the impossible within reach. It made difficult things much easier. As a result, it has become easy to communicate anywhere in the world. Not only that but it has also made learning and research much easier.

Etiquette of reciting Quran on mobile phone

 Common people's life has also become one with these technologies. As a result, many new regulations are being created. We use this information technology for many good works. Among them is to benefit from the Qur'an through a mobile.

 Below we will discuss some related issues.

 Quran apps

 You can find many apps of Quran Kareem just by searching Google Play Store. Many of us use these apps. However, as a believer, caution should be exercised before using these apps.

 Because there are many of these apps, which are a mix of wrong and right. Feel free to use any apps for that; Rather, in this case we should learn from those who are experienced in this matter. To avoid these confusions, I should check with an experienced scholar or hafez that the apps I am using are accurate or not? In Muslim Sharif, this knowledge is part of the religion. So be careful from whom you take your Dwain.' (Muslim, Hadith: 26)

Reciting the Qur'an through the device

 It is permissible to recite the Qur'an on a mobile, computer or any other digital device.

 In this case, the ablution is not a condition for reciting just by looking at it without touching it. It can be recited without ablution. But it is mustahab to recite after ablution. Because Quran recitation is the best Dhikr. And it is mentioned in the hadith that Rasool (pbuh) used to dislike doing dhikr except in a holy state. (Abu Dawud, Hadith: 17) However, there are two opinions of the ulama about touching the Qur'an Kareem on the screen without ablution. Many contemporary scholars say that the screen writing of the Qur'an is not permanent. It is like an image. It also has a cover over it. So it can be touched without ablution. (Al-Islam, Questions and Answers, Fatwa Number: 1069661)

 Others say, without ablution, you can't touch the Quran on the screen. Just as it is not permissible to touch the Qur'an Kareem written on paper, it is also not permissible to touch the Qur'an written on a screen without ablution. They said, if necessary, there is an opportunity to put the finger on the empty space next to the screen. On the authority of Abdullah Ibn Abu Bakr Ibn Hazm (RA), the letter that Rasulullah (SAW) wrote to Amr Ibn Hazm also stated that no one should touch the Qur'an except a holy person. (Muatta Imam Malik, Hadith: 455)

 And since the plastic or glass cover of the screen touch mobile is continuously connected to the main screen and the touch of the hand is also effective, so in this case, touching the glass without ablution, not writing - it is not right to say such things.

 And it is desirable to be careful in controversial issues. And Qur'anul Kareem is the best book and the most prestigious book. The caution in this case is to attain purity and touch it. The requirement of faith is not to touch the Qur'an except for ablution.

Listening to audio Quran

 It is permissible to listen to the Quran by downloading or recording the recitation on mobile or memory. There is no problem with that. But when the recitation is performed, one should listen attentively. It is unethical to leave the record of recitation while busy with other work. Because reciting the Qur'an is also a separate act. For that reason, no act can be done by starting the recitation, due to which the minimum right of hearing the recitation is not fulfilled. Then it will close the record in that case. Allah Ta'ala says, "And when the Qur'an is recited, listen to it and be silent, so that you may have mercy." (Surah: Al-A'raf, verse: 204)

 Allah Ta'ala has spoken here about listening attentively. One is normal listening and the other is attentive listening. There is a big difference between the two.

 The command to listen to the verses of Sajda

 If a verse of prostration is recited while listening to the recitation of the Qur'an, then it is not necessary for that person to perform prostration during the recitation. But if a person listens to a live recitation, which is a live broadcast; Then in that case Sijda will be wajib by reciting Sijda on him by listening to the verses of Sijda. (Badayus Sanayi: 1/186)

 Going to the toilet with mobile phone

 What is the provision of going to the toilet with the mobile phone that has the Quran Kareem? In this case, if the Quran Kareem is not clear on the screen of the mobile phone, then there is no problem to go to the toilet with the mobile phone. And if the Quran Kareem is floating on the screen of the mobile then it cannot be taken to the toilet. (Jamia Islamia Bin Noori Town, Fatwa Number : 144109201193)

 Do not do other things while reciting Quran on mobile

Do not do any other work on the mobile while reciting other work on the mobile. Doing other work on mobile and occasionally reciting Quran is against etiquette. Because recitation, Ziqir are some of the prestigious things. These should be done according to the method described by the Prophet (PBUH) only for the satisfaction of Allah Ta'ala. On the authority of Nafee (RA), he said, when Ibn Umar (RA) was reciting the Qur'an, he would not speak without taking a break from reciting the Qur'an. (Bukhari, Hadith: 4526)


 Thanks for reading the full article stay with solution media to read such a beautiful and interesting article, let us know the etiquette of reciting Quran on mobile and try to act accordingly.

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