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Charon premium blogger template free download

 Assalaikum how are you everyone today somadanmedia brought you an amazing template in blogger world called Charon premium blogger template free download you can use the premium version of this blogger template for free. So why delay and let us know more details about this blogger template.

Charon premium blogger template free download


 Customization is the process of customizing the blogger template to your liking using the layout. So using this template you can do all the customization work from layout only without using any HTML code. So an important thing like customization can be done so easily through this tablet. Today's template is such a beautiful feature rich template.


 Dark mode is a dark state, i.e. when a visitor enters your website at night, he can turn on dark mode and read the article without losing his eyesight. And the quality of your blog site will be greatly improved. Your site will look good and visitors will keep increasing day by day.


 ATM Pretty nice colors are provided. You can change the colors if you want. Moreover, the icons given by him are uncommon icons. Generally not all templates use this icon. They are as beautiful as they look and work very quickly. So why delay and download the template now for free and use it on your blog site.

 Back To Top button 

 This blogger template has an option called back to top. When you scroll down your blog site or a visitor scrolls down your blog site and wants to come back up immediately, he doesn't have to scroll down but can come back up directly with a click of a button. It will enhance the beauty of your site.

 Social Footer

 This temper has some amazing share buttons for sharing on social media, it has social suggestions at the end of the post as well as in the footer of the block site. This social media sharing will get your blog site promotion base. Your visitor will get the system to promote the like minded article to everyone. Why not take such a beautiful blogger camp for free.

Maga Menu

 This blogger truck has a very nice menu bar. And within this menu bar there is also an option of submenu. By clicking on that girl, your visitor will be able to go directly to his desired topic and read. Also, can you set the important points of your blog here.


 This tempu has excellent category. Also, what topics you write on the site created with this blog and what topics you publish articles on are mentioned in that category. When your visitor chooses a category from that category and clicks on it to read the specific topic so that his website browsing becomes easier and takes less time.


  •  Fully Responsive
  •  SEO friendly
  •  Header Sticky
  •  Menu
  •  Social Header
  •  Alert Boxes
  •  Code boxes
  •  Image gallery
  •  Multi Level Dropdown Menu
  •  Featured Posts
  •  Slider Carousel
  •  DarkMode
  •  Slot Ads
  •  Validated Structured Data
  •  Back To Top
  •  Comment Blogger
  •  Sidebar Sticky (CSS)
  •  Social Share
  •  Social Footer
  •  Post Meta
  •  Recent Posts Per Label
  •  Search box
  •  Font Awesome Icons Integration
  •  Short codes ready for buttons and other UI elements
  •  Breadcrumbs
  •  Button styles
  •  Load more posts
  •  More...

 Demo and Download

 To download and demo this blogger template, click on the demo and download button, wait for a minute and then click on the visit option to download the desired file.

Demo         Download

Zip password 🔑:-

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 The solution to the template that I have shared today is not to own the media but to collect it from big online sources. If you are the owner of this template then inform solution media it will be solved within 24 hours inshallah.


 How do you like the article related to the review of this type of template written above and how did you like the article by commenting, subscribe by email to get new articles like this, thanks for being with somadanmedia.

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