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WinsPortal v3.0 Responsive premium Blogger Template download for free

 Assalamualaikum how are you all hope you are well today brings you a great blogger template it is premium version and absolutely free. This blogger template has many beautiful features. I think if you are a blogger then this template will be good for you and useful for your blog site content. So let us know some important information about this template.

WinsPortal v3.0 Responsive premium Blogger Template download for free

 Related Post middle of the article

  Related posts are when any of your visitors open a post, all the other posts of that type on your website will be open to the visitor. As a result, apart from the article that your visitor has visited, any other articles can be visited if they wish. And if this related article is in the feed then it will play a very good role.

Subscribe Footer

 Subscribe footer means that there will be an empty box at the bottom of the blog site with the option to subscribe by email. Subscribe by email when a BG tor likes your website. As a result, whenever you post a new article, a message will be sent to his email and everyone will be the first to read this post. This way your visitors will increase gradually.

 Social Share

 Social share is an option in your article where your visitors can promote your article on social media. For example, you can share on all other platforms including Facebook and Twitter. Sharing this way will increase your visitors and increase your site's rank.

 Nice layout

 You will get a beautiful layout for customers from your blog site. Layout is a system through which you can add any type of gadget to your blog site, customize and add various things. No html code will be required in making this customer.

Footer credit

 At the bottom of your blog site, there is a link that says foot credit, which means you have created this website. In that place you can give your site link. Then your website will look professional. And this photo credit is not available in most of the themes so this option is very important and valuable option.


  1.  Menu
  2.  Slot Ads
  3.  Responsive 100%
  4.  SEO friendly
  5.  Valid Structured Data Google
  6.  Valid CSS3
  7.  Valid HTML5
  8.  FontAwesome Pro
  9.  Slider
  10.  Breadcrumbs
  11.  Related Post middle of the article
  12.  Social Share
  13.  Admin Message
  14.  Recent Per Label
  15.  Search Show/Hide
  16.  Lazy Load
  17.  Post meta
  18.  Subscribe Footer
  19.  Social media
  20.  Related posts
  21.  Source code
  22.  More...

 Demo and download

 You can download this template for free in just one step.  Click download button and wait for 1 minute then download directly from drive.



ZIP password in telegram channel


 I have collected this template online from Elabel, but if you own it and want to remove it, please email or telegram us and we will remove it within 48 hours inshallah.


 Comment how you like the above template and subscribe by email to get more new posts like this, Thanks for staying with somadanmedia.

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