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Promer v1.5 premium Blogger Template free download

 Promer v1.5 premium Blogger Template free download

Today the solution brings you a very beautiful and gorgeous blogger template named Promer Blogger Template you can download the premium version of this tablet from here. This template is very good and advanced in terms of speed and it has more beautiful features for your blog you can use this template if you want. Let's know more about this template.

Promer v1.5 premium Blogger Template free download


 Dear blogger friends, the most important thing about a theme is to customize it according to your own mind. You can certainly arrange it according to your own mind. This is a great feature of this timetate. You can do this entirely from layout so you don't need any htm code.

 Cookie Consent

 Cookies Consent is, when someone accesses your block side, a cookies consent will pop up from the bottom. If the visitor agrees to this cookie, then accept it and it will go away. This way you can be sure that this visitor has followed all your rules.Chances are you won't have a problem with it,

Footer Menu

 This template contains footer menu. That means you can add some menu bar at the bottom of your site. You can credit your footer with that. And footer credit is very important and necessary thing for a blog site. Such a nice feature you are getting in this temperature.

 Dark Mode

 Dark Mode is the primary way when someone enters your site, he can turn on Dark Mode if he wants, so that his eyes are not harmed and he can use the site easily. This will improve your site and look professional.

 Auto Table of Contents

 When you write a post, all the headings and subheadings you give in the post will be automatically combined and presented in front of the visitor by Towel of Content. Digitor can read any point he wants. This will increase his reading facilities and opportunities.

Promer Blogger Template Features​

  • Dark Mode
  • Footer Menu
  • There is facility to embed videos and images in comments via links
  • Facebook comments
  • SEO Optimized
  • Easy customization
  • Disqus comments
  • Auto Table of Contents
  • During fast charging, the advantage of complete charging in 1.x seconds.
  • Multiple ADS positions
  • Contact floating button
  • Multiple comment system
  • 100% responsive
  • Cookie Consent
  • 404 error has feature to automatically redirect to main page.
  • And Much More,

Demo and download

If you want to see the demo then you can see the Demo by one click and if you want to download then after clicking on the download option it will take you to a page where you have to wait for 60 seconds then the download option will appear there you can visit and download it..




The templates and files we are sharing are already available on the internet, we do not modify or clone any templates. Please buy the template legally, if you have money and can get the latest updates and customization guide, so please buy this template through the above link. *We are sharing these templates only for educational purpose and non-profit basis, we do not hold any rights for shared templates, files and its images available on this blog. If you own a template and want to remove the file from our site, please contact us and we will remove your files within 2-3 business days. Contact Us DMCAD Disclaimer.

How to install template in blogger

1, Download Blogger Template 

 2, Extract the .xml file by unzipping if this template is zip and unrar if rar. 

 3, Now go to and login to the dashboard. 

 4, Click on the theme and click on upload, select the .xml file and click OK. 

 5, View the demo after uploading.


 Please comment how you like this article and theme. Thanks for reading the entire post.

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