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Igniplex v3 premium blogger template with license key

 How are you dear friends hope you all are well. Today Solution Video brings you an amazing blogger template. The template has very nice colors. His designs are also amazing. In a nutshell Boy Blogger Template is a template with unique features in the world. The name of this template is Igniplex v3 premium blogger template.

Igniplex v3 premium blogger template with license key


 The most important thing about blogger templates is customization. The easier the template is to use, the easier it is to use. You can fully customize this template from the layout. Customization will not require any HTML code. So you can use one with such nice features.

 Footer Credits

 Footer credit is a text at the bottom of the blog site, credit by solution media or many more like that.. In general, the link of that site is called footer credit. By using this template you can use your link below your blogger site. Doing this will make your site look more professional.

Related Post Middle Article

 Related posts mean that there are other posts similar to the post that your visitor opened. The benefit of related posts is that your visitor can read more posts on the topic that they have opened. As a result, your visitor can benefit from the desired knowledge. By doing this your visitors will increase and your website will rank. That too in the middle of the post. And at the end of the post there will be a related post.

 Multi Dropdown Menu

 Multi Drop Brown Menu If you use this template you will get a nice feature like Multi Drop Brown Menu. This feature is not in the template, but in some special templates this trial is used in this template. So consider using it for your block site.

 Bookmark Widget

 Bookmark Widget allows your visitors to bookmark any article they like. The benefit of bookmarking is that visitors can read the post later whenever they want. This will make your website attractive and unique. Visitors will increase. The beauty and usefulness of the website will increase.

 Dark Mode support

 Darkmote support means when a person visits your website at night they can use darkmote if they want. As a result, the eyes will not be damaged. It increases the beauty of the website several times. Even with one click, Dark Mote will go away. If you are looking for such a beautiful judgmental template then this template is for you.


  •  Related posts feature middle articles and bottom articles
  •  Display posts according to label
  •  Valid Google Structured Data
  •  Infinite Scroll
  •  SEO Friendly
  •  Posts Slider
  •  Mobile Friendly and Responsive
  •  Exceptional Header Menu Design!
  •  Layout v3 and Widget v2
  •  Fully customizable appearance, width, color and font
  •  Blog pager with article titles (next and previous)
  •  Numbered Page Navigation
  •  Multi Dropdown Menu
  •  Custom Error Page
  •  Super Light theme
  •  Ad Position Guide
  •  Bookmark Widget
  •  Automatic TOC
  •  Custom Footer
  •  Sticky Widget
  •  Dark Mode support
  •  Pagination (Page Split)
  •  Custom 404 page
  •  Text to Speech
  •  More..

 Demo and Download

 To download this tablet, click on the download button below, wait for a minute, then click on the visit option to download directly.

Demo   Download

Zip password and license key in telegram channel 


 This template is collected from online. So it is understood that this time is not owned by Solution Media. So if you are the owner of this template and want to remove it from this tablet then contact somadanmedi and it will be done within 24 hours.


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