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How to use lazy load images on blog site by default

 Assalamu Alaikum how are you all I hope you are all well. Welcome to somadanmedia.Today somadanmedia will discuss about Blogger By Default Lazy Load Image and how to turn it on in detail so read the full article to understand this well. So let us know some information about lazy load images.

How to use lazy load images on blog site by default

 What is a lazy load image?

 Lazy load images are when a person visits your blogger site, the page does not load immediately due to the large size of the photos. As a result the page speed decreases and the visitor gets bored. So using lazy loot will load the image late when you go to that image. This will save your visitors from getting bored. In a word, tail-loaded images means that all the images on the website will not be loaded at once, but only the image that will be next to it will be loaded.

 Advantages of lazy load image

 We will discuss below all the advantages of using tail loaded images but in summary we can say that images are most responsible for reducing the speed of the website so using the same will increase the page speed and the website will rank geographically and the visitor will not get bored.

Increase site speed

 When you turn on Lazy Loot Images on your blog site, all the images on your site will be loaded lazily, thereby increasing your page speed. We are always interested in increasing page speed. Now because that topic is so important blogger authority has made it for block site by default.

 Getting rid of LCP

 Due to the large size of the image, the biggest effect is the effect of LCP, resulting in a decrease in the number of visitors to your blogger site. We do a lot of research to get rid of RLCP issue, now no need to research any more, the authority of the blogger has figured out the way to get rid of LCP.

 Data is used less

 Another benefit of using lazy load images is that visitors use less mobile data. Because the image that the visitor opens will be opened and the image that is not opened will not be opened. And if you don't use lazy load images, all the images will be loaded together, which will use more mobile data. So using lazy load image will reduce mobile data consumption.

 Increase page speed

 Not only the speed of the empty website will increase, but the speed of the post or page will increase because the image in the post or page containing the image will increase the speed of that page or post by creating an effect in that image. By increasing the speed we can survive from various issues.

Getting ranked by Google

 Google does not bring any website to the first page until the speed of that website is good. And one of the reasons why the speed of the website is not good is that the size of the image is large. So you can understand if the lazy load image is turned on. If there is no problem in loading the image and it does not take time then the speed of the website will increase and this website will be ranked by Google.

 How to enable default lazy load image

  1. Login
  2.  Go to blogger dashboard
  3.  Click the 3 dot menu
  4.  Click on Sittings
  5.  Keep scrolling down and you will see the Load Image option in the tail.
  6.  Now turn on the lazy load option


How to enable default lazy load image

If you can enable this option nicely then you are done here.


 Comment how you like today's article on Lazy Load Image Solution Media and don't forget to comment if you have any problem to understand. Finally, please subscribe by email and stay with Solution Media.

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