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Apmody v1.4 premium blogger template free download

Today brings to all blogger friends a blogger template that is very beautiful and attractive and can attract visitors. If you use this template on your blog site then your visitors will be happy and visitors will increase and site speed will increase manifold. This will help your site to appear on the first page of Google. Apart from what is said here, this template has many more features, some of which are discussed below.

Apmody v1.4 premium blogger template free download


 Dear blogger friends, since you have experience working with block sites, you know that the most important aspect of a template is customization. You can customize this template to your liking and complete the entire process through out. However, in some cases HTML may be required. Of course, this opportunity is a big one.


 Dear friend since you work with block site then you must have adsense approved on your site or try to apply for exchange and this tablet is made in such a way that it will show any type of ad vetty which is very important thing for a blog site in a word. It is almost a goal.


 Another feature of this template is that it has built-in translation. Regardless of the visitor's language he can read the content in the language of his choice. The status of the template in which this opportunity exists differs. So this feature is very useful and nice.

Post share button

 Post share button This share button is one of the biggest ways to promote a website through various channels. If your website does not have post share button, if a visitor likes your post, he will not be able to promote it on his social media and your website will not spread. So if you use this tablet you will get a beautiful post share button for free.

 Fast loading

 Fast loading website is very important. Because if your website is not hacked fast then your website will never come on the first page of Google. Moreover, your visitors will also decrease. Because when they enter your site and see that it takes a long time to load, they will skip to another website so if you use it, your website will load very fast.

Email News Letter Widget

 Email newsletter widget is very important for a blog site to get a lot of visitors. If a visitor to your site submits by email, then when you post a post, he will receive an email first. Then he will visit, thus increasing your visitors.

 Footer credit for Apmody

 A must for a blog site is to change the Footer Credits. Because for a professional site without Footer Credits, it will not have any value. Besides, there is a matter of beauty. People are always attracted to beauty, so this feature is definitely a very useful feature which is needed by everyone.

Features for apmody

  • Mobile Responsive 
  • App Schema Markup 
  • SEO Friendly 
  • Ads Ready 
  • Responsive Footer 
  • Email News Letter Widget 
  • Recent Post Widget 
  • Detailed Documentation 
  • Best Responsive Menu And Layout
  • Fast Loading 
  • App Download With Safelink 
  • Personal license 
  • Auto Read More With Thumbnail 
  • Error 404 
  • Social Follow Button 
  • Multi Drop Down 
  • Search Widget
  • Related Posts With Thumbnail 
  • Social Share Button 

Demo and download

 Yes friends you can download this beautiful tablet in just one step, the template can take only 90 seconds to generate.


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 Yes blogger friends if you have any comments about this template then you can contact us or comment.

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