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How can I prevent my website posts from being copied?

How can I prevent my website posts from being copied?

Dear friends today I bring you a very nice and useful gadget this gadget will be useful for your blog site or wordpress site so why delay let's start today's topic.
Stop copy write in Blogger

 If you are thinking to stop copying your website posts then today's post will be 100% effective for you.

 To prevent your website post from being copied, you need to go through a few steps which will be discussed one by one. Be patient and read the entire post and know 

If you are a blogger then today's post will be very useful for you.

Why should you stop copying?

You put a lot of pain and effort into creating a post and publish it on your blog site or wordpress site, then some people copy your post and make some changes and publish it on their website and you see it go ranking. If you get this, you must feel bad enough that you stop copying your post altogether to avoid this bad feeling.

What is plagiarism?

Any question of copying information on someone's website is plagiarism Plagiarism is when someone steals any information or writing or post from your website and continues it on his blog or website under his own name. If there are thousands of content/posts/articles online, unique content/posts are rare because there are many people who steal or copy content from other websites and use it in their Own blogs and promote them as their own claims

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What is the benefit if you stop posting on the website?

  • First, no one can copy your website          post and publish it on their own site with slight changes
  • Your distressed post will be saved
  • You will also be ahead in terms of           ranking
  • Be able to maintain the quality of your     posts
  • This will not only benefit your site but     will also provide many other benefits.

Follow the step-by-step guide on how to stop copying

  • Step-1 Download the file from the link or copy the codes.

Dawonlod code txt link 🔗
  • Step-2 Copy the code of the file
  • Step-4 Go to your theme layout and open an HTML or JavaScript layout
Stop copy
  • Step-5 Now paste the copied codes
  • Step-6 Save your layout
Watch the demo for yourself now
Now no one else can copy posts and articles on your site
If copying does not stop please contact us Thanks
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